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Fostering Self Esteem in Children (Con’t.)

This is a continuation from the previous blog post regarding suggestions for fostering healthy self esteem in children: 4.  Never compare children to each other.  Each child is a different, unique person and should be valued and belong just the … Continue reading

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Fostering Healthy Self Esteem in Children

Self-esteem – the collection of pictures children carry around of who they are and how they fit in—is formed early in life.  Even though children make these decisions internally, parents have a tremendous influence on the unconscious decisions children form.  … Continue reading

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Why Take a Parenting Course? Why Positive Discipline?

 I often run into parents who feel that there is a stigma attached to attending a parent workshop.  The thought is that you only attend a parenting class if your kids are out of control or if you are an … Continue reading

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Why Do Kids Behave the Way they Do?

Child Behavior Many parents don’t realize that children are constantly making decisions on how to achieve “belonging and significance”.  This quest for belonging and significance is one of the key concepts of Positive Discipline.  When children feel discouraged they will … Continue reading

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