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Talking to Children in Ways that Invite Cooperation

We’ve always heard that how we say something is more important than what we say.  Now we know why.  It’s because of mirror neurons. Mirror neurons allow us to tune in to the movements and feelings of others and are … Continue reading

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Ask Questions – Step 7 in “Encouraging Kids to More Cooperative Behavior”

Getting Kids to Listen  Can be as Simple as Asking a Question! My last post was with regards to the need to develop children’s inner locus of control and the fact that children who develop a strong inner locus of … Continue reading

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Are the Kids in Your Life Misbehaving? Encouraging Kids to More Positive Behavior – Step 2

Are you trying to control children with punishment? If you read my last post, you’ll have read about how trying to control kid’s behaviour through punishment is an illusion.  But if we give up punishment what do we do? If … Continue reading

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