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Should You Force A Child to Apologize?

Have you ever demanded that a child say they’re sorry immediately after they’ve done or said something aggressive to you or someone else? Most of us have. But did you know that when you do this, that in a sense … Continue reading

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How to Win a Child’s Desire to Co-operate

In almost every workshop I do, whether with parents, childcare providers or teachers, the desire is expressed for the children in their life to cooperate. However, when adults refer to wanting children to cooperate, they often mean that they want … Continue reading

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Do You Parent and Discipline by Default?

Do you parent by default? By that I mean do you use the same parenting and discipline methods that your own parents did? Many, if not most parents do. That’s because they’ve never really thought it through as to whether … Continue reading

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To Punish or Not to Punish Your Child

Despite all the research that points to the necessity of a more positive response to children’s challenging behaviour, punishment is still the common “go to” for many adults in response to that challenging behaviour. But what do children learn from … Continue reading

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What is Effective Discipline?

Dr. Jane Nelsen, parenting expert and author of the bestselling Positive Discipline series outlines the Five Criteria for Positive And Effective Discipline.  Jane will be speaking at the Positive Discipline Conference in Calgary on October 25 & 26. At the … Continue reading

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