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Do You Parent and Discipline by Default?

Do you parent by default? By that I mean do you use the same parenting and discipline methods that your own parents did? Many, if not most parents do. That’s because they’ve never really thought it through as to whether … Continue reading

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The Crazy Notion About Punishment and Child Behaviour – Encouraging Kids to More Positive Behavior – Step 1

After a long absence, I look forward to get back to blogging and helping adults create environments where kids “thrive, learn and cooperate”! “Where did we get the crazy idea that in order for kids to do better we have … Continue reading

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Why Positive Time Out for Kids?

“Where did we get the crazy idea that in order to make children do better, we have to make them feel worse?”   Dr. Jane Nelsen How would you respond if your boss or a colleague reprimanded you by saying, “Go to … Continue reading

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